Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Power of Prayer: before you even voice one it has an impact!

This month I’ll be volunteering at The Call Detroit. On November 11th, 2011 thousands of Christians from all over America (and my mom and me from Canada, among others I’m sure) will gather together and pray for the future of Michigan, the United States, and the world.

According to the Transform Michigan website:

It is widely said how Detroit goes will indicate the direction our nation will take.  It was once an economic and automotive engine of the United States.  Detroit is ground zero for the spiritual war in our nation. Poverty, racism, and Islam are most powerfully rooted here - more than anywhere else in the nation.”

Some things that we’ll be focusing on in particular for prayer during this event are:

·         Reaching Muslims with the love of Christ
·         Raising up the Black Prayer Movement
·         Pro-life, Family Issues, and Biblical Social Justice
·         Economic Conditions in Michigan
·         Returning our Nation to a Biblical Worldview and Preservation and Safety of America

For Michigan, this event holds a specific importance as it opens the doors for the accomplishment of statewide goals to bring a love for Jesus back in that state:

·         Herrnhutt will become a reality and MI will be a model to the nation.
·         Day and Night 24/7/365 Prayer connecting 83 Michigan counties impacting the 7 Mountains.
·         MICHOP/Oak Initiative - The Governmental Mountain will be covered in the state and nation.
·         The Tenacious 10K will be fulfilled - 10,000 intercessors in MI – U.S. Initiative by Cindy Jacobs
·         Unity of the Races, churches, ministries working together “as one”.
·         Detroit will be a restored, prosperous city where a “Great Awakening” will occur.
·         University students and young adults across Michigan and the nation will be part of The Call

(Feel free to click on the hyperlinks leading to the sites for information on what those initiatives are all about.)

So that’s what’s up.

Christians will be gathering for a 24hour period of fasting and prayer, crying out to God; unfortunately this seems to be a very threatening situation for some in Michigan. Yea, I can see that: after all, as a Christian there is no greater power for intercession in this world that we have beyond prayer.

Before I explain what the big deal is about this blog, I’m going to write a quote regarding the feelings of CAIR (if you click on the link given just a warning: this blog article is a highly annoying read):

CAIR is concerned that the group is fighting Islam and presents a threat to schools and mosques in Metro Detroit, and that since the group views Muslims as “demonic,” there is a concern that some participants at the Ford Field vigil will go to mosques to “harass or provoke” Muslim worshipers, especially during Friday prayers.  CAIR is instructing mosques and schools to “maintain security at all entrances” and to notify police if “suspicious persons congregate on mosque property.”  “At the end of the day, they don’t have to like us as Muslims,” said Dawud Walid of CAIR. “We just think that they need to respect public property and not try to go to any mosques and invoke animosity.

Okayyyyyy, why'd they add the school's in there? Was that just an afterthought to make it seem like a legitimate threat? Public property in Detroit is apparently only for you if you're a member of the muslim public.

Here’s Robert Spencer’s response:

"Noting the recent firebomb attack on the offices of a French newspaper that published a satirical image of Islam's prophet Muhammad, Spencer said the 'Hamas-linked CAIR, is yet again trying to portray Muslims as victims. This time, they're pretending that Muslims in the Detroit area are threatened by Christians who are coming to the city to pray. Perhaps Dawud Walid of Hamas-linked CAIR is so used to Muslims storming out of mosques after hearing the Friday sermon and rioting or terrorizing non-Muslims that he assumed a Christian gathering would work the same way.'"

Amen to that.

I’d like to know what Christian in their right mind goes to fast and pray and comes out riled up and ready to damage a mosque. To be honest, when you’re in the presence of the Almighty God praying and worshipping you would have to be a pretty lost soul to want to run to a mosque for ANY reason. I’d like to ask why muslims would feel in any way threatened? Have they received threats from Christians regarding the event? Have they been even looked at funny by someone going to pray at The Call? I highly doubt that, and not only do I doubt that but I’d love to see some sort of real proof that there is a threat, and that CAIR is not just projecting..

I always say, your eyes are a mirror through which you see yourself in the world. Just because you use clever propaganda and threats to get across your message doesn’t mean that’s the way that Jesus works, and that’s the only person that we look to for guidance. The Goal is not for any of us to CONVERT anyone, because any Christian big or small would know that we can’t change anyone. But Jesus can. Jesus can change their hearts and minds, give peace to the restless, comfort the fearful, and strengthen the victimized; all things which the community in question seems to lack. 

Not to mention, as a Christian from Pakistan, the worst thing that I could hear when going into a Christian event, church or anything is that it’s causing a stir in the muslim community; that’s a bigger and scarier threat than any they have from us, because I’ve seen firsthand the consequences that Christians around the world are currently facing.

Detroit is the perfect place to have this event. It has as their website states “become a microcosm of our national crisiseconomic collapse, racial tension, the rising tide of the Islamic movement, and the shedding of innocent blood of our children in the streets and of our unborn.

There’s a high rate of domestic violence running through this economically challenged state. Once the American capital for car production, now losing plants left and right. Joblessness and in turn depression have taken over many. And even as I drive around I see the big billboards on the side of the highways telling women who face the unbearable choice of abortion that the blessing of life truly is worth the struggle

All is not lost though, I currently live and study in a cottage/vacation town, but I’ve been all around Michigan and have witnessed much.

Though this state is damaged I have seen an incredible amount of faith hope and love in it as well. I’ve seen the youth of Michigan as they worship and praise God unashamed. I’ve seen God move within communities and families. The value that everyone hold for each other, and the way that many towns are able to band together to help those in need.. I’ve seen small businesses raising money for the families of cancer patients that live nearby, the bus drivers who remember everyones names though they might see hundreds of faces a week. There is value in this place that has not been forgotten even with the so called “enlightened” cultural changes that America is being driven to; accepting homosexuality as a norm, the devaluing of life, and the allowance of cultures and religions to basically highjack the American dream.

I remember hearing uncle Sampson Shahbaz on his weekly radio show Pehgaam this Sunday morning (AM770 if you're in the Toronto area on Sunday mornings at 10AM); talking about the cry of desperation. God hears those cries and He will hear this one. I’m looking forward to witnessing the change that Michigan’s cry brings forth.


  1. Oh wow! I read about this. What a great place to volunteer at. How did it go?

  2. @The Unleavened, it was definitely something I have never experienced before. The presence of God was thick throughout that arena and it was so amazing to see how many people of all ages and races turned out for their communities to represent and prayer. I am so encouraged that there are Americans (and many Canadians who were there) who really understand the importance of having a relationship with our God; communication through prayer and worship. It's really what holds our nations up and separates them from others.

    I wish I had both the physical and spiritual strength to have gone the full 24 hours fasting and praying but I had to nap a couple of times; I'll continue to work on that though and with or without an event I'll be flexing those prayer muscles on my own regularly :D