Thursday, September 27, 2012

via -- The latest inhuman disgusting pig like act against Christians straight from Pakistan.

Faisalabad: 16 year old Christian girl gang raped for hours by young Muslims
by Shafique Khokhar
The rape took place in the house of one of the three members of the group, all belonging to wealthy families. The incident occurred in broad daylight; the desperate cries for help of the girl in vain. The father tells AsiaNews: "despite our poverty, I will not accept compromise." Vicar General: "poor family, but rich in the Catholic faith. They deserve justice. "

Faisalabad (AsiaNews) - A new case of gang rape against a Christian minor in Pakistan. The rape occurred in broad daylight, for hours, in a private home where three young Muslims - all under 30 - abused a defenseless girl. A story, Fr. Bonnie Mendes tells AsiaNews that demonstrates "the powerlessness of the poor in Pakistan," which is reflected "in all its evidence in events such as the sexual abuse of Shumaila" which took place on September 20 last, but has only now been revealed by the press. A story similar to that which occurred Sept. 4 - again in Faisalabad - when a 60 year old Muslim merchant has raped a Christian girl of 10. These episodes confirm the increase of attacks against children in Punjab, as evidenced by a survey carried out by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), covering the first five months of 2012, which documents 122 cases of violations in the province: among these, at least 40 sexual, 14 murders, 22 kidnappings, 14 corporal punishment, six forced marriages and 13 deaths due to lack of basic medical care.

Shumaila Masih, a native of Chak 226, Samundari, in the district of Faisalabad (Punjab), is the oldest of four children of a poor Christian family. On the morning of September 20 the girl was headed to the house of a wealthy Muslim, where her mother worked as a maid, to warn of sudden visit by some guests. On the way she met three young Muslims - Iftikhar Hussain 27, Shahid Munir and Muhammad Imran both 30 - who tried at first to persuade her to go with them. At her refusal, the three took her by force and locked her up in the house of Iftikhar Hussain, taking turns raping her for hours. The attack took place at 11 am, in broad daylight, but no one intervened to save Shumaila, despite the desperate cries and pleas for help. At about 5 pm the father Manzoor Masih, along with two cousins, began searching for the girl when she failed to return home. Arriving close to the house where she was being held they heard her cries. At the sight of the men, the three young Muslims fled, leaving Shumaila naked and in pain on the bed.

Her father reported the incident to police who opened an investigation and arrested two of the three members of the pack. The last, Shahid Munir, is still at large and the police have launched searches to arrest him. Meanwhile, a medical report has confirmed the gang rape suffered by the girl, who is now a guest of the family of her uncle for security reasons. Shumaila has extensive physical and psychological injuries, as well as pain and injuries that prevent her from even walking. Contacted by AsiaNews the girl's father Manzoor Masih, 45, swears that "despite our poverty, I will never reach a compromise settlement" with the rapists of his daughter. He hopes that these elements "are punished according to the law," so that everybody understands that "it is not permissible to assault any young girl" just because you are rich or powerful. "These people are monsters - concludes the parent - and must be punished without mercy" -

Fr. Bonnie Mendes, former Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) of the Church of Pakistan, also insists on the poverty factor, while stressing that the violence occurred "in broad daylight" at the hands of "rich young Muslims." The young girl "continues to suffer" and does not get justice, "because of her poverty." As long as the lower segments of the population do not unite, the priest adds, "they can never aspire to social equality." He thoughts are echoed by Fr. Khalid Rasheed Asi, vicar general of the diocese of Faisalabad, according to who "religious minorities and marginalized groups are easy targets for wealthy landowners in rural areas." "I personally know the victim - he adds - because I was pastor in that area, they are a very poor family, but rich in the Catholic faith. They deserve justice."

Monday, September 17, 2012

Christian Teenage Servant Disappears After Caught "Watching TV" and Tortured

via Robert William, World Vision in Progress:

A Christian girl named Sumbal Masih, daughter of Sardar Masih aged 15 or 16 had been working as a maid in house at, Model Town, Lahore for two years along with her younger sister Sadaf Masih and a cousin named Rabiya. 

On 14th September 2012, Sumbal was watching TV in the owner’s room. Suddenly the owner came and started beating the poor girl for watching movie. They beat her so harshly using pipes or iron rods. 

Afterwards they took her to the washroom and tortured her terribly. She was yelling and crying for help. This entire incident was reported by Sumbal’s cousin Rabiya. When Rabiya and other servants heard Sumbal crying for help, they ran upstairs to help her but the owner took Sumbal to the washroom and sent Rabiya and other servants downstairs therefore they could not find that what they did with Sumbal. 

When Sumbal’s parents came to know about this incident through Rabiya, they ran to get their daughters back, but the owners said that Sumbal had fled from their house and they didn't know her whereabouts. They refused to give Sadaf, the second daughter back to them as well. World Vision in Progress ground officer Nipoleon Qayyum along with WVIP team are currently attempting to deal with this grave issue and hence Mr. Nipoleon Qayyum and the mother of the girls Basheera bibi went to the owner's house; a Mr. Adeel of house number 132-J block model town Lahore --to get their daughters . Mr. Nipoleon Qayyum was forced to sit in the lawn of the house whereas Baseehra bibi was taken inside by Mr and Mrs. Adeel after two hours waiting outside. Nipoleon Qayyum came outside and he suggested Sumbal’s father to call the police. 

When the police reached there, Mr. Adeel sent Basheera bibi along with her second daughter Sadaf outside. However they are still making excuses regarding Sumbal Masih . Tomorrow WVIP is filing a petition in the session court of Lahore to rescue Sumbal. We therefore request the Hon. Chief Minister of Punjab to take notice in this regard. 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christian Girl Forcibly Converted to Islam and Married Against Her Will, Pakistan

Sunny Gill Reporting:

Aney Tariq, the 10 year old daughter of Tariq Masih, residing in Dhula Gujranwala --a young girl of only grade six was kidnapped on the 4th of September by a Muslim man by the name of Hader Ali (son of Mohammad Ijaz). After kidnapping Aney, Hader Ali forcibly converted her into Islam and married her against her will.


Please keep our daughter Aney in your prayers church, SHE IS JUST A CHILD. No less than your own children, yet no doubt this girl has suffered ordeals that we can not imagine. Pray for her family as they bear the intense pain of loss and pray that God brings Aney back home to those who love her. God give us strength.

Pakistan's Protests Against Anti-Islamic Film

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunny Gill Reporting:

Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen staged riotous protests in the city of Karachi heading towards the US Consulate. Thousands of protesters gathered at the consulates main gate, to register their protest against the film which allegedly began an uproar throughout the Muslim world due to it's content against the Islamic Prophet Mohammad. 

This rally, which had reached very close the the consulate, was stopped at three different points by authorities who attempted and failed to negotiate with and disperse the crowd. Police then resorted to aerial firing and the use of water cannons which resulted in a more effective dispersal of the rowdy protesters. Barriers have now been erected on routes leading to the US Consulate. 

Protesters burned effigies of American Film-Makers, and lit American Flags on fire. 

The outrage against this film has been mirrored by Religious Parties, Christian minority groups, Traders and Civil Society Members who also staged smaller protests across Pakistan; condemning the movie that has been deemed offensive by US President Barack Obama, and the Muslim world alike. Western media has also widely rebuked the filmmaker for hurting the sentiments of Muslims and sabotaging interfaith harmony across the world.

UPDATE: One person has been shot and killed by police in their attempts to stop the protest, and the entire city of Karachi is in an uproar. So far six police vehicles, many motorcycles have been lit on fire. Many policemen and rangers have been injured in the attempts to stop people from coming near the US Consulate.

FIRING on St. Francis Xavier Church, Hyderabad Pakistan

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunny Gill Reporting:
Today on the 16th of September, the Hyderabad Catholic Diocese and Protestant denominations had arranged a protest against the anti-Islamic film, which allegedly began the intense rioting in the Middle East in this past week. While returning from the protest a van in which sisters and Nuns were sitting was openly fired on by unknown assailants. The driver of the van, one Imran Masih was injured in this assault. During this same time more unidentified assailants also openly shot at St. Francis Xavier Church --one man reported as being named "Mangi" has lost his life in this deadly act of violence.


I would personally like to send a prayer request out for the suffering church in Pakistan. They extended their hand out to their fellow Muslim brothers in solidarity against an insult to their faith --and in turn were brutally targeted for their own faith. This is unacceptable, and I pray that the families of these victims find solace in the Lord, and that He comforts and guides them and this entire community as they grieve this unimaginable loss. 

I also ask you to pray for the people of Essa Nagri, on September 12th at approximately 4:20am more terrorist violence flooded the streets of this Christian colony --during the firing one of our own, Mr. Yousaf Masih the son of Inayat Masih was shot and killed.