Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christian Girl Forcibly Converted to Islam and Married Against Her Will, Pakistan

Sunny Gill Reporting:

Aney Tariq, the 10 year old daughter of Tariq Masih, residing in Dhula Gujranwala --a young girl of only grade six was kidnapped on the 4th of September by a Muslim man by the name of Hader Ali (son of Mohammad Ijaz). After kidnapping Aney, Hader Ali forcibly converted her into Islam and married her against her will.


Please keep our daughter Aney in your prayers church, SHE IS JUST A CHILD. No less than your own children, yet no doubt this girl has suffered ordeals that we can not imagine. Pray for her family as they bear the intense pain of loss and pray that God brings Aney back home to those who love her. God give us strength.

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