Monday, September 17, 2012

Christian Teenage Servant Disappears After Caught "Watching TV" and Tortured

via Robert William, World Vision in Progress:

A Christian girl named Sumbal Masih, daughter of Sardar Masih aged 15 or 16 had been working as a maid in house at, Model Town, Lahore for two years along with her younger sister Sadaf Masih and a cousin named Rabiya. 

On 14th September 2012, Sumbal was watching TV in the owner’s room. Suddenly the owner came and started beating the poor girl for watching movie. They beat her so harshly using pipes or iron rods. 

Afterwards they took her to the washroom and tortured her terribly. She was yelling and crying for help. This entire incident was reported by Sumbal’s cousin Rabiya. When Rabiya and other servants heard Sumbal crying for help, they ran upstairs to help her but the owner took Sumbal to the washroom and sent Rabiya and other servants downstairs therefore they could not find that what they did with Sumbal. 

When Sumbal’s parents came to know about this incident through Rabiya, they ran to get their daughters back, but the owners said that Sumbal had fled from their house and they didn't know her whereabouts. They refused to give Sadaf, the second daughter back to them as well. World Vision in Progress ground officer Nipoleon Qayyum along with WVIP team are currently attempting to deal with this grave issue and hence Mr. Nipoleon Qayyum and the mother of the girls Basheera bibi went to the owner's house; a Mr. Adeel of house number 132-J block model town Lahore --to get their daughters . Mr. Nipoleon Qayyum was forced to sit in the lawn of the house whereas Baseehra bibi was taken inside by Mr and Mrs. Adeel after two hours waiting outside. Nipoleon Qayyum came outside and he suggested Sumbal’s father to call the police. 

When the police reached there, Mr. Adeel sent Basheera bibi along with her second daughter Sadaf outside. However they are still making excuses regarding Sumbal Masih . Tomorrow WVIP is filing a petition in the session court of Lahore to rescue Sumbal. We therefore request the Hon. Chief Minister of Punjab to take notice in this regard. 


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