Monday, October 15, 2012

Pastor Arrested for Alleged Blasphemy.

Sangla Hill, Pakistan

Pastor Karma Patrus was arrested Saturday night, after preaching in a Christian family's home. Four muslim families also attended the meeting, requesting that the Pastor pray for healing over sick family members. As he reached home, the loudspeakers on the mosques around his home were screaming condemnation. Calling for all "good muslims" to rise up and punish the infidel Pastor for daring to "convert" muslims.

"He is a blasphemer, an infidel and should  be killed." With this sentiment running thick in the air, hundreds of loyal followers attacked the Pastor's home. 

The mob caused such an uproar that as police came to the scene they found the chaos of hundreds of disturbed people destroying the victims home and beating him mercilessly. After some pressure, the police arrested the thoroughly tortured Pastor into "preventative custody"; but later remanded him under Section 295C PPC Blasphemy Law.

This is not the first time that the Pastor had held open healing and prayer meetings in Sangla Hill, as a well known Evangelist, Muslims and Christians alike often came to him asking for prayer over their ailments and their families. Why? Obviously because they all know Jesus HEALS.

But radical leaders and clerics of local mosques clearly found this to be a threat and have finally made good on their paranoia, accusing the Pastor of pressuring and focing Muslims to convert to Christianity.

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