Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Israel Truth Week @ Victory International Church -- Hamilton, ON

So no doubt I attend the best church in Hamilton, maybe even Ontario --and probably soon Canada. No offense intend, you really should think your church is the best, if you don't --I'd move. The way this church as an organized congregation works and encourages the individuals within it to live and act on their faith is incredible. 

I'm very proud to invite you all to join an incredible assembly of organizations and individuals at my church on MARCH 5th and 6th for ISRAEL TRUTH WEEK . 

The conference is FREE but all proceeds will go to the ALYN CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL in Jerusalem. This is a foundation close to our church's heart, our pastor Dr. Peter Marshall sits on the Board of Directors for Alyn. You can also donate beforehand to the Alyn Hospital here:

Here is a link to the latest update from their blog about what will be going on:

During that two days time you will have the privilege of hearing a diverse and highly knowledgeable group of speakers including: Salomon Benzimra, Shobie Kapoor, Rev. Majed El Shafie, and a bunch of others which I will have to add to this list because I'm too excited to recall at the moment! The keynote speech and finale will be given at McMaster University. So yes, BE THERE!!!

Here's a video of Mark Vandermaas, founder of Israel Truth Week announcing this years conference.

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  1. HI PCI, thanks for the enthusastic plug. Obviously, we'll meet during the conference, I trust. Yes, you have something pretty special there at Victory. I've never met people so enthralled with being of service to others. Pastor Marshall and his staff are truly unique. I've appreciated their terrific support for this project.

    BTW, not sure if you're on my mailing list, but the McMaster event sponsored by the Never Again Group has been cancelled due to some serious illness in the family, and has been replaced by a new evening session on Day 2 (Wed, March 6) at Victory...who came through again for us!

    A new program is available on the conference page plus more info here about our new speaker, Rev. Majed El Shafie from One Free World Int'l. He was originally scheduled for the afternoon for 15 mins, but graciously agreed to do the keynote at night.

    More info here:

    Thanks again, hope to see you at the conference!

    Mark Vandermaas
    Israel Truth Week