Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Holidays & Congratulations!

Happy 27th Anniversary Mom & Dad

This past holiday season was an especially exciting one in my household as it included a short visit from some extended family! Arriving from the "down under", Dr. George Howell, his wife Sheba and his two incredibly lovely kids (Joshua and Zachariah), were able to join us for New Years and the celebration of my parents 27th Wedding Anniversary. With me being in school and constantly traveling I was never able to throw them a proper 25th, so this was our version of the Silver Anniversary. Celebrating just over a quarter century of matrimonial life together is no small, nor at times easy feat! As a surprise that night we were also able to celebrate the anniversary of Dr. George and Sheba as well!

 Their First Dance (Literally was their First Dance that night!)

Dr. George & Mrs. Sheba Howell cutting their surprise anniversary cake.

For those of you who are familiar with my family, you'll know my parents to be extremely giving and hospitable people... who I am nuts about! (LOVE THEM!) So it was nice to be able to give them a night dedicated solely to their relationship.

Mr. Nadeem Akhtar, our host with the most!

 Uncle Nadeem's jokes were a real crowd pleaser!

 Listening intently...

Uncle Nadeem pauses for reaction.. my father and Amber clearly enjoyed his story!

Hosted by one of our closest family friends Mr. Nadeem Akhtar, the evening was sure to be a success. He told the audience of how our families met, and told many jokes and "nazams". Mr. Bosco Martyres regaled us with some English folk songs with which our Canadian guests were able to join in on, followed by Mrs. Mary Nundy (a dear friend of my mothers) who started off the evenings main performances. Even my younger cousin and I joined in and sang a song dedicated to my parents that I "cleverly" rewrote to apply to them.

 Our dear friends Emmanuel & Lourdes Gill and my mom standing in front of the art work of my cousin and I (a lit up wall with my parents wedding photos).

 Mary Nundy and my mother enjoying ghazals the way they should be enjoyed!

 Mr. Peter Bhatti and my father listening to Uncle Nadeem's nazams.

The main event of the night (along with the sweet paan and thanks to me slightly watered down kashmiri chai) was the singing of up-and-coming community talent Mr. Amber Obeid, assisted by the seasoned tabla guru Mr. Reuben Arthur. Thanks to both of them for their amazing job that night and for serenading us all with so many soulful ghazals!

 Reuben Arthur and Amber Obeid, singing beautifully!

Late at the end of the night, this is what was left of us! After the party was the after-party!

Our extended family also had another reason to celebrate involving the successes of Mr. Edward Johnson Howell this past year. The annual Petro Canada Christmas Banquet hosted by Mr. Howell provided an excellent background to showcase the hard work that his family and he continue to put into their businesses, and for all those many people that they have been able to support through them. It's wonderful to hear when your loved ones are being blessed and as one Petro Canada rep put it "we know Edward can handle it!"

 Our family with Mamu Edward's Petro family!


 Full family photo!

 My family with Dr. George Howell and family

 Our wonderful friends, Mr. Reuben & Mrs. Eliza Charles!

 Enjoying the evenings entertainment! Which included a super magician and some lovely dances!

 Before we end up I'd like to send out a couple of Prayer Requests:
1. For Emmanuel & Lourdes Gill: Please keep praying for Aunty Lou's speedy recovery and for their family in their time of need.
2. Continued strength for my dear friend Komal and her family, as they are currently going through difficult times living with a family member's last days.

Thanks so much and God bless you all! 

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  1. Thankyou for the lovely evening.GOD BlESS YOU.