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ICV Grows: The next Generation & The next Step!

Congratulations ICV Buffalo!

Months ago in a one-on-one meeting with ICV chair Mr. Peter Bhatti, he spoke passionately about the vision that his late brother Martyr Shahbaz Bhatti held for the International Christian Voice. It's all about unity, about gathering many voices to share in one common goal all around the world: to stop the religious and political persecution of the Christian minority in Pakistan. The end of 2011 brought one of the first steps by Mr. Peter Bhatti towards the fruition of this vision: with the opening of the first US chapter of ICV in Buffalo, NY.

Mr. Bhatti and his team went from Ontario, Canada to join the Buffalo chapter during their inaugural chapter meeting. Participants from Canada stated that they were very impressed with the outcomes of the meeting and are looking forward to seeing what the ICV US counterpart will have to bring to the table with regards to ICV goals.

Attached here is the official ICV press report regarding this monumentous event!


ICV Buffalo Made Official

Saturday, November 19, 2011 marked the birth of ICV USA, as stated by newly appointed President Mr. Samuel Saraj Massy. An inaugural luncheon was organized by ICV Buffalo to invite the head of International Christian Voice, Mr. Peter Bhatti, and his team from Canada.

After the guests had arrived, Dr. Peter Paulus, the new Patron in Chief, opened up the program with a prayer and shared common motives that himself and everyone in Buffalo had with the guests. Dr. Paulus made a very important point in assuring that the new chapter was willing to give it all for the cause, he said that the newly formed chapter will continue to work side-by-side with ICV Canada as long as each individual displays Christian love. After, he went on to pray for the food and lunch was served.

After lunch, the program proceeded with the calling up of the chairman of ICV, Peter Bhatti, the President of ICV Canada, Pervez Masih, the President of ICV Buffalo, Samuel Massy, and the Patron in Chief of ICV Buffalo, Dr. Peter Paulus. Pervez Masih was then called up to the podium to share his thoughts. Masih showed much of appreciation that more people decided to move forward with the cause that Martyr Shahbaz Bhatti started. His enthusiasm in describing Shahbaz, whom he called “Brother Ji”, awakened all who were present and definitely was very encouraging to all. Masih showed obvious passion about his work and was very happy that this new chapter decided to follow the path of being righteous and helping Pakistani Christians that had become victims of the Pakistani society.

Peter Bhatti, the Chairman of ICV Canada, then stepped up and congratulated the new team in their efforts to being a part of something as noble as the cause ICV stands for. He spoke about the vision Shahbaz Bhatti had and how important it was for him to serve his people. He then called up Samuel Saraj Massy to take an oath committing to the goal of this organization. After his oath, Massy introduced his executive members he had selected and the same oath was then taken by each member as well. Massy, in his speech after the oath, stated that he had been wanting to serve his Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters back home for a very long time but did not have the proper platform to make any of his wishes possible. He promises to walk side by side with ICV Canada and to take responsibility of taking the work of God forward. After his speech, he called up all pastors that were present to bless this new chapter. After the prayer, Mr. Albert Mall thanked all the guests for joining in this luncheon and assured that everyone that is a part of the team will do his/her part to take these organization’s efforts to the next level.

Executive Team of ICV, Buffalo, NY 14304
Samuel Massy                                                                        President (ICV USA)
Pastor Sadiq Waryam                                                             Vice President
Dr. Peter Paulus                                                                      Patron in Chief
Albert K. Mall
Kiran Samuel
Pastor Rashid Akhtar                                                              Advisors to the President
Hanan Samuel                                                                         General Secretary
Pastor Yousaf Saraj                                                                 Chaplin
Alvina Dean                                                                             Treasurer
Jacob Saraj                                                                             Joint Secretary


The second exciting event that ICV sponsored was the ICV Youth's Christmas Fundraiser & Awareness Potluck, led by ICV Youth President Ms. Romeela Pervez,  Ms. Nitasha Bhatti & Ms. Huma Kristina. It's super exciting to see such innovative ideas being put forward by the young people in our community -- in example, participants were encouraged to write letters of prayer and encouragement to be forwarded via ICV/APMA Pakistan to Christian prisoners of blasphemy and those in exile from religious persecution. Various dishes were brought in for the potluck and enjoyed by all! Thanks so much for this excellent effort ICV Youth!!!

Pictures coming soon!

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