Thursday, February 16, 2012

Immigration changes being made to assist the persecuted..

Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney is seen here describing the idea behind new immigration legislation that would assist victims of persecution in immigrating to Canada more quickly by preventing immigration/refugee fraud. We've all seen fraud happen, but it's about time our government takes swift action against those that commit fraud and plug up our system preventing REAL victims and those that immigrate here legally from getting through.

Thank God for Minister Kenney, and our Conservative Canadian Government!

Click here for the video.

"Minister Kenney responds to a question from MP Menagakis on new legislation aimed at protecting Canada's immigration system from those who seek to abuse Canada's generosity, including human smugglers, foreign criminals, and bogus refugees. The new legislation seeks to ensure that the system remains unclogged for bona fide victims of persecution."

And here he is answering a question regarding bogus refugee claims..

"Minister Kenney answers a question during QP from MP Lizon on unfounded refugee claims coming from democratic states within the European Union"

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