Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Happens When Bhangra Artists Become Scholars & I (sadly) Become the Only Voice of Reason (My Tribute to the "Argument" I Had With HDhami)


Isn't it incredible how in today's media driven culture how often we see entertainers in the guise of politicians/religious scholars/teachers. For anyone who knows me I was a BIG fan of HDhami at one point, I enjoyed his music, thought of him as a very talented individual... and he still may be all that. But for me I now also see him as someone who uses his "pulpit" as a Bhangra singer, to propagandize his personal beliefs. So first of all, far be it for me to call Mr. Dhami, or any celebrity that chooses to bring their personal opinions to the forefront ignorant, I think it's great! It really helps me decide who I should be looking up to. But here's my problem with him, and SO MANY other people in entertainment these days, they feel the need to "protect" certain populations as though they are being constantly victimized - in this case Islam - and the easiest way that most of these people see fit to do this is unfortunately at the cost of Christianity.

Hartinder Dhami as a Sikh man, I doubt would want to discuss the merits of his own religion with any Muslim. He did however see fit to post one of the infamous Ahmed Deedat "debates" from YouTube on his Facebook account. Why? To show his fans how women in Islam are far from oppressed. In fact... it's the rest of us that are oppressed (I mean women in Western culture, and specifically Christian women).

(The middle sections of the conversation are posted below if anyone wants to see how others reacted to his post.)

Here's the transcript from the Deedat clip:

(I love how the video is entitled “Answer that shocked the Christian girl” How does anyone know she’s Christian? And how can you tell she’s shocked while she stands around giggling in the midst of this almost entirely Islamic audience?)

Moderator: The last two questions…

Girl: I’ve been told that women in Islam wear the veil because in this way men will treat them respectfully. But I see the veil as a form of oppression because why should they have to cover themselves because of the weakness of men? Shouldn’t they be treated with respect regardless? Could you please explain the veil, and did Mary have to wear a veil?

(What on earth was the point of the last statement?)

Deedat: Madam.. madam, your bible says.. your holy bible says.. you know. Paul.. Paul.. Paul is telling you, that the woman must cover her head. That the woman who doesn’t cover her head.. shave off her hair. Your bible says that.

(Here we see the girl giggling at his response.)

Deedat: The woman.. the woman who bares her hair, shave them off. Shave it off, that’s what the bible says. And you women, the bible says she must not be allowed to open her mouth in the church. But that’s your churches they don’t believe on that. And your people don’t believe on that, so you are inviting trouble. You know because of this in America.. in New York.. no woman is safe after dark. No woman is safe.. in fact, in day time women have been raped in the streets.. and people just walk by..

(Here we see the girl nodding her head.)

Deedat: ..out in the park.. saying “oh maybe they’re just enjoying themselves.” Woman is being raped. No no.. as if you are inviting it. Look this modesty.. the nun.. nun.. the nun.. you know the nun.. Roman Catholic Church, nobody gives them a second look. If Mary the mother of Jesus came along.. you won’t give her a second look. But my dear sisters, those women on your …. (sorry I have no idea what he said here).. in their bikinis and tangas and g-strings lookIt’s attracting even an old man like me.


Deedat: (incomprehensible mumbling).. If I went there I tell you I’ll be burning inside. I’m telling you, this is the nature of man.. god made us like that. The thing that allures man more than anything on earthly existence is woman. Do you know that.. I don’t know.. the quran says, the quran says. (Random Arabic) Fair in the sight of men is the love of things they covet. Number one (blah blah blah) WOMEN! (more Arabic) then son. You know I’ve got eleven son, I can make my own football team. You know it makes me feel proud.. eleven sons you know.. my own football team, my own cricket team. Mmhmm. (more Arabic….) ..and …. Of gold and silver… and wealthy land… and horses branded for excellence.. this is the list that is given in the quran. Number one.. WOMEN! The quran says the thing that attracts man most on this earthly existence is WOMEN. And I’m telling my western friends that I don’t have to prove that to you. I don’t have to prove it to you.. I think you see that in my city of Durban, the city of Durban.. I think we’ll end with this.. we’ll end with this. In the city of Durban.. there is a firm called (something) motors.. they sell second hand tracks.. you know lorries, lorries, trucks.. people have trucks here too? Trucks, we call them trucks. And on the trucks that they advertise.. there’s a woman in a bikini on top of the truck. Then (something) they sell farm implements, and on the tractors that they advertise.. there’s a woman in the bikini on top of the tractor.. I’m asking these westerners I say what has a woman in the bikini got to do with the second hand truck or with the tractor… except the man. You see the woman is being dangled.. (incomprehensible mumbling).. And BMW, I don’t know you have BMW’s here.. it’s a motor car, it’s a motor supposed to be the little better than the Mercedes Benz.. I’m not in the market for it. You see I started with the Volkswagon Beetle, I did a hundred thousand miles and I had to change for another Beetle.. and another Beetle.. and another Beetle. Then they stopped making the Beetle. You know the Volkswagon Beetle. They had to start with Golf.. so I had to buy Golf number one.. Golf number two. I’m still not in the market for a BMW. But I am forced to read this advert.. in my newspaper I see a BMW motorcar and with a woman in the scampy skimpy piece of bikini what you call that tanga.. you know the g-string. She’s standing infront of the motorcar and it’s written at the bottom test drive her now. I’m asking.. I’m asking.. the woman or the car.. the woman is buying the car.. and the her is underlined. Test drive her now. I said look.. this is what you’re leaving yourself.. this is the westerner he sells his mother his wife his daughter. His wife is a star, and she’s been mangled on the screen.. stimulating rape.. and they.. they enjoy it. Do you enjoy your wife being simulated.. it’s not real rape. But you know it’s simulated you can see everything she is being raped your mother your wife your daughter and you enjoy your wife is a STAR. It’s sick.. sick. Well (lalala) peace be to god. We haven’t come to that sickness yet, we muslims. We try.. we try to keep away from it.. this is your pleasure your privelidge. We have no right to force you.. but we say you are playing with fire my child and you gonna pay the price. You are paying the price now and you will pay the price. 

In answer to the girls question: NO he doesn't think that man should be held responsible for their weakness/actions as women who clearly walk around wanting to be raped should. The veil in inexplicable and no one would give Mary a second look - so veil or no veil it doesn't matter.

In conclusion:
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this scholar, please don't watch too many of his videos or you too like myself will become overwhelmingly nauseated by the ridiculousness.

What's my point for posting this? Well for one I find it interesting that when you read something out to yourself as opposed to hearing it, it sounds all the more stupid - and secondly, it's a warning for us all to not allow ourselves to get caught up when we see or hear something, even if it's from someone that we admire. Fame does not equal wisdom. I don't think there's a point for anyone to go through and try to analyze what this arrogant man has said but there it is folks.. we don't just face persecution in Pakistan, we face it here too. A different face but the same goal.

I just remembered something amusing, I don't know if anyone has seen Russell Peter's (the comedian) take on propoganda in the media but I think Deedat and many of today's "scholars" are PRIME examples of his jokes. Here's the clip: (sorry in advance for his slightly crude language he uses)


  1. it is sad to see , how this world cant see through the veil of darkness. as far as mr d is concerned he have no idea or understanding of the issue at hand. so my humble request for him is to stay with yr talent.

  2. Thanks, I absolutely agree. There is no end to this bombardment of media personalities here in the "western world" who try to exude pressure on EVERYONE to be more accepting. More accepting of everyone but JESUS. More accepting of everyone but Christians. I pray my brothers and sisters and I gain more and more courage, not to insult or bring them down but to STAND ON OUR FAITH against this assault. Show truth not anger, by grace we can sow the seed of life and save so many souls.