Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Praise the Lord, there's a revival starting!

It's just about 2 am here where I am and I was just doing my usual pre-bedtime gander through internet news and social media, when I happily came across an article on the BPCA blog by the newest edition to their writing team -- one Tejas Kumar.

I just about whooped and accidentally disturbed my parents because I was SO happy to see another young person from a similar background to my own who clearly really wants more of Jesus. I don't know where Mr. Kumar is from but I am going to assume that he is from South Asian heritage.

Here's a link to his personal blog.

I'm so pleased to see such a positive kingdom focused piece written by a "desi" brother and I really really needed to share it here on my blog as well because I want everyone out there who has felt a little winded with all the politics and societal issues in the community -- who crave spiritual fellowship with like-minded individuals to know that it's OK! Come on out guys.. this past year has shown me that if we are willing to let go of our pride, our positions, our possessions, our ambitions, our greed, our shame -- let it all go and turn back to God that there are doors opening all over for us like never before.

There's a revival starting and I for one am THRILLED.


Tejas writes:

The Truth About Christianity

"Dear friends, I'd like to present to you, the truth of Christianity. It is this: Christianity is always about the man Jesus Christ. That's from where it gets its name! Christianity revolves around, is worshipful of, is founded by, and has as the hero, none other than God who became a man, Jesus Christ. I tell you this because as Christians, often times we individualize it and turn ourselves into the prime focus. I'm here to say no: it's not about me or my Christian blog or my career as a web designer and web developer, it's not about you, it's about Jesus Christ."


Click here to read the full article. I insist

Author's note: I am well aware that what I have written by no means indicates nor provides concrete evidence of a starting revival, but I have faith that God wants to do BIG THINGS -- and readers, if you don't believe there is one how about we start one anyways?

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