Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sharing in the Agony of Our Own - a Pakistani Christian Family Cries Out for Help.

It's 230am, I am so blessed by this week and have so much to share but before anything else I really wanted to forward this letter published by the Pakistani Christian Post to you all. This man and his family are reaching out and asking for help in their time of need and I think if we can spread his story around as much as possible God will lead them to the right person in the right time -- God will by His grace use this family like the multitude of individual stories coming out of Pakistan to do His Will and give this family refuge and peace.

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I Paul D’Souza along with my family are in danger at the hands of Powerful Activist of Sunni Therik & Businessman Mohammed Ashiq Hussain & Islamic Muslim Fundamentalist in Karachi Pakistan who have lodged a FIR # 210/11 of Blasphemy case 295 C against me and all my family members in Mehmoodabad police station and also a renowned Mufti in Karachi Mufti Haji Moin Ahmed has issued Fatwa against our family that whoever Muslim kills us shall be rewarded, the arrest warrant for me and family have been issued, please spare time and read what agony me and all my family has been facing.

Our family has been facing agony and pain for the last 6 years as in 2006 my younger brother Trevor was kidnapped tortured and forced to accept Islam by his Employer Maulana Imran Baig, when my brother did not accept Islam, Maulana Imran Put a false Blasphemy case against him, and due to the powerful influence of Muslims in his terrorist organization Lashkar -e-Tayaba which the whole world know is a strong jihadi terrorist organization in Pakistan now operating with some new name in Pakistan & which got exposed because of my brother Maulana Imran was furious to kill all our family members due to which we could not return to our home where our whole family use to live, so we lived far from city and did not know where my brothers and his family is living, but after few years got news that my brother Trevor along with his wife & son have managed to leave Pakistan, but I am not still aware that where my younger brother Jude Julius is? we were living in the fear all the time, but Maulana Imran´s intention of taking revenge from our family was not over he had been searching for our family all these years as you all are aware that Radical Muslim

Fanatics are not satisfied until they either kill us or get us booked in a false Blasphemy Case which is the most common and easiest way of taking revenge he somehow got to know about our whereabouts & last year when my son Larryson was burning some old garbage and papers outside our home some Sunni Therik activist were passing by they said what are you doing he said its none of you matter, and then they started shouting that this boy is burning pages of Holy Quran and started to beat him and injured him they broke his leg and hands and left him bloodied no one from the area came to help, instead few of the area Muslim men also stared beating him, we rushed our son to nearby hospital and he was admitted there, I went to nearby police station to report the incident but police did not pay much attention, after two days on Friday after prayers some men came outside our home and started shouting that bring Larryson out he is a Blasphemer as he has intentionally burned pages of Holy Quran and also bring his father out as we know well that he has been very active in converting Young Muslim boys to Christianity by getting them jobs, he is a blasphemer and needs to be punished, only my younger daughter was at home at that time, she called me and told me everything on the phone, we were very afraid I told her as soon as they leave come to my work place and I called my wife and told her to do the same I rushed to the hospital & got my son discharged from the hospital he was admitted in, we could not go back to our home and now once again we were running for our lives, we reached St. Jude’s Church parish where we were regular members of the church, we told the whole incident to the Parish Priest Fr. Richard and he helped us to stay in the church premises and also tried to get help from Human rights organizations in Karachi for which we are very thankful, but after few days we got the news that a very powerful Activist of Sunni Therik & Business Associate of Maulana Imran Baig´s relative Mohammed Ashiq Hussain has lodged an FIR against me and my family in Mehmoodabad Police station, Karachi, and also got a Fatwa Issued by a Renowned Mufti of Karachi to kill us, we have somehow after many efforts of Human Rights organization and the priest managed to Flee from Pakistan and cant disclose our location due to security but hope that our voice and cry for help is reached to human rights organization as we Christians in Pakistan are voiceless and only hope that our voice, agony, pain and trauma we go through is felt and known throughout the world as now we have shall apply for Asylum in the country we are living in now, but do not know what future has for me and our children but need to know what was our fault only that we are Christians and living in a Muslim country Pakistan our whole family is broken we do not know if we can ever meet again or see each other.

We need prayers & would be grateful if our voice is raised by Christian organizations throughout the world.

Paul D’Souza
A Pakistani Christian.

(Pakistan Christian Post published this heart breaking letter of Mr. Paul D’Souza with copies of First Information Report FIR lodged in Mahmoodabad Police Station, Karachi and other relevant documents which can be forwarded to any organization which steps forward to support this Christian family or directly wishes to contact Mr. D’Souza)

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