Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jokes on Us -- Pakistani Blasphemy Fraud Strikes Again

Not actual mob, I just found them to be better looking.
Between the snubbing of Pakistani President Zardari at the NATO Summit in Chicago, to the Facebook/Twitter debaucle which led Pakistani authorities to claim that Interpol would be supporting them in preventing social networking sites from creating havoc with free speech -- it's been a real joke of a week for Pakistani's.

Now it also seems that with tensions high throughout the country, snooker players are the first to feel the heat. Pakistan Today reported earlier today that in Lahore "a young Christian man has been charged with burning 'holy pages'" which were for some odd reason placed in a box and tied to -- get this: an electricity pole (yes, it is that stupid) "after he had an argument with some Muslim boys over a snooker game in Muhalla Siddiqabad area of Farooqabad, Sheikhupura district."

Dangerous times these are folks, as Sajid Inayat Masih (age 20) learned the hard way when he decided to stick up for himself while sinking some pockets -- rule number one for Christians: DON'T TALK BACK. Apparently that's a one way ticket into a cold Pakistani cell. As per usual, showing their vastly peaceful ways the hooligans that argued with our young Mr. Inayat decided that they could never allow an infidel to walk away so arrogantly unscathed from them -- clearly lion-hearted macho men that they are -- two days later they set the mullah's after him. (Can you smell the sarcasm reeking from that sentence?)

Following in the steps of other fellow delusional heroes they decided to gather a mob, scare the living daylights out of every Christian in the area -- many of whom fled their homes in anticipation of the joyous radical jihadist sport of hunting down random Christians.

And so on this past Canadian long-weekend Friday, Sajid Inayat was arrested by Farooqabad Police and charged under Section 295-B of Pakistan's beloved draconian Blasphemy Law which states that "willful desecration of the Holy Quran or use of an extract in a derogatory manner punishable with life imprisonment". So this young man's entire life has been ruined because he played snooker -- kids, can you see all your parents nodding their heads and saying "see, this is why we always told you not to leave the house."

According to Sajid's cousin Irfan, “Sajid was heading to his shop [of construction material and scrap] on Friday morning when he came across the Muslim boys with whom he had a squabble the other day. The boys accused Sajid of setting fire to a box fixed on a nearby pole…he asked them why he would do such a thing but on their constant prodding, he dared them to do whatever they wanted and walked away.Why would he do that indeed?

More importantly, what idiot decided to put pages of the Quran in a box and tie them to a pole?

You don't hear people asking those obvious questions often do you?

Irfan goes on to say, "we informed local Muslim leaders about the acrimony between Sajid and the Muslim boys and they told us that they would consider the matter after Isha prayers. However, around 5pm the police took Sajid in its custody and registered a case against him [FIR No. 297/12] under Section 295-B on the complaint of one Muhammad Sharullah Zaman.

The chief of local religious organization Karwaan-e-Islam assures local Christians that they will not be harmed and encourages the poor saps that left their homes and belongings to come back.

According to Pakistan Today, Sheikhupura District Police Officer Dr Haider Ashraf has stated that Sajid has been sent to the prison on judicial remand, quoting “the matter is of serious nature and we are investigating it from all angles,” he added that the enquiry was being conducted by a SP rank official and justice would be administered on merit. Haider also insists that although the situation was tense on the first day that things are "under control and there is no imminent threat to Christian families settled in the area” -- no doubt this does not apply to snooker players and insolent infidels.

I for one agree with Dr Haider Ashraf, he seems like a smart guy -- so I suggest they remove Mr. Muhammad Sharullah Zaman from the comfort of his spiderman bedsheets and remand him until this merit based "enquiry" is finished. I'm looking forward to seeing brother Sajid on the outside.

When will this end?

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