Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's not the first time I've discussed intercession (click here to read one of the first posts on this topic) or the impact of prayer but I just saw this video -- shared on Facebook by Rachelle Mainse and I thought I just need to keep passing this around!

There's a comment below this video where someone says "wow the things that are being revealed to me are the things that he's sharing in this video" and honestly I am SO there with those people. It's so humbling and such a joy that feeling when you know that what you KNOW is not uncommon to others -- not uncommon to my parents -- or my friends in Christ -- or the little girl sitting in the middle of a field half way across the world -- or the boys playing soccer somewhere below the equator -- God's revealing Himself to US ALL!! It's awesome awesome awesome!! I could keep repeating that word but I think you get the picture that I'm clearly just so excited and I want it for everyone -- I want you all to feel this. Let's do this together and intercede for our community.

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