Saturday, July 7, 2012

PC's Once Upon a Blessing: Episode 2

..and in this case, they're delicious too!
Word's have power. The bible tells us this but today's blessing is a shout-out to that well-known fact of life (and also to my love of purses).

My mum tells me daily my words have power, use them carefully. No complaining, no negativity -- and no more sullenness or low expectations. On one particularly memorable day of shopping during the holiday season, it was so crowded in our local mall and we were getting quite tired heading out; my mum had just finished the "Serena, your words have power!" lecture, when we were accosted outside a store by a crazed salesperson who's over-excitement took us off guard. We stopped. "DO-YOU-WANT-TO-TRY-A-KEY-IN-OUR-PRIZE-BOX?" the girl sped through in one breath so as to make sure we caught it all before walking away.

Box? The store was getting people to come inside and look around by offering each person a key at the door. Simple concept: open the lock using the key and whatever's in the box is yours! We were told that inside the box was a $100 gift card. To answer the niggling question I can feel burning in my female readers' minds: the store was Guess; and Yes, I did want that gift card. (It's Guess!)

So I grabbed a key and headed inside followed by my mum. We were immediately drawn into a swarm of other young women all determined to open that lock. The salesperson looking after the box and attempting to draw the crowd into an orderly line spoke up loudly and said "Isn't this exciting! Who's got the key that's going to open this lock?!?" Girls started giggling and raising their hands and that's when I firmly shouted "I GOT IT! MINE WILL!"

The young salesperson smiled down at me and beckoned me forward saying, "Great! Let's try it then shall we?"

She took the key from me and with some added flair she put the key in the lock.. as we all waited for baited breath I thought to myself.. This time. This time I know I'm right. And there it was: One simple turn and that lock fell open.


Coincidence? I don't think so. God just told me my mum's always been right.

Words have power everyone, and now you've got an example where that power was positive!


Speaking of words, I recently had the opportunity to be on Brantford's Christian Radio Station: Power 93.9FM and parts of it will be airing within the Brantford and surrounding area tomorrow evening (Sunday July 8, 2012) at 6PM! Hopefully my words are able to share something with our listeners tomorrow and I can inspire others to use choice words and actions to seek change here in Canada!

I'll be posting that interview as well as another speaking engagement I have tomorrow at a church in Kitchener, Ontario on here once they're available! So keep an eye out for that!

As always: be bold, be faithful, and be active. Kingdom life demands it.

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