Thursday, July 19, 2012


Note: This letter was received from a gentleman who had been made aware of this situation on Tuesday July 17th, 2012. Letter has been edited and all names have been changed for the safety of persons involved, please keep this pastor in your prayers.

Pastor and missionary VS was living in Toba Tek Singh, near Faisalabad, Punjab. He was serving as Pastor in G**** B**** Church in Toba Tek Singh. On 7th July 2012 at 5.00PM Pastor was in his office. One police van and one Black car number LE *** with 3 police man in uniform came and 4 were without uniform entered in his office. They were in very good mood and told that you need to go with us to DCO office. Pastor’s 2 younger brothers went with him one on his motorbike other one in police van with Pastor. They told that they are from local police station but they went toward Lahore. When they went out of the city they dropped pastor’s younger brother there and said go back with your other brother, who was on motorbike, and they will drop him back.

Pastor’s family contacted local police station but all officers gave same answer that they don’t know any thing and no body gave any this kind of order to bring pastor here.

When Pastor’s family searched noted car number that was also fake. Pastor VS's younger brother W called me today and told about all incident.

My humble request to all brother’s and sisters please pray for Brother VS and do as you can do quickly.

God bless you all.


I'd also personally like to send out a prayer request for a situation occurring in my own village in Pakistan. The details of the situation there are not available to the public and for such reason will not be posted but please pray for the Christians in Pakistan; that God gives them strength of body mind and spirit, and wisdom beyond their own understanding when living in these difficult times.

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