Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ooberfuse at Tabernacle of the Congregation in Waterford, Ontario

A small local church with a great big heart!

Tabernacle of the Congregation in Waterford, Ontario was founded by Tony and Vicky Schleiffer in 1998 and opened its doors to the local community in an incredible way. Rumor has it, Pastor Tony is the kind of Pastor who does not demand giving –but places the church’s offering plates where they’re easily accessible to everyone –and for those in the impoverished locality who need help that week paying a bill, or buying food for their family, the offering is available to them.

Now that’s radical Christianity, and RADICAL trust!

I’m sure it wouldn’t work in every community and in every church –but there’s a reason we picked this little church to host British electro-pop band Ooberfuse on Sunday, December 2, 2012 for a morning of praise worship and general Holy Spirit led goodness!

We arrived at the church a little late, as our GPS couldn’t locate it! On arrival we could hear the sounds of praise thick in the air. The church was filled to the brim with locals who had come in to hear Ooberfuse perform and hear their testimony.

The band began to lead worship and talked about where they came from, and their faith –before performing some of their own original songs including the renowned track “Free Asia Bibi” with Wilson Chowdhry (Wizard MC) and “Blood Cries Out”.

The church prayed for the band, and Wilson and before we knew it –the Lord was over everyone in that building like an avalanche!

I can’t say enough about what a joy it was to share that moment with this church, and to share this church with our visitors from the UK. Blessings all around…

When my family and along with Team LTNI hosted the James 2:8 Benefit on November 30th I had one thing to say in appreciation of them which was:

They may be a small church but they have huge hearts –in fact I bet most of the church is here tonight!

And it’s true, they were there. Small but powerful! For all you little local churches out there; be comforted and remember it’s where you are if you allow the Lord to work –through you is how CHANGE is made!

Huge thank you to Ooberfuse for bringing in the annointing and blowing the ROOF OFF our little church, you are an incredible group of people and no doubt have a permanent place in the prayers of everyone that you touched that day! Success will surely follow you all of your days as you walk in God's promises and share His love with the world!

Special thanks to Sir James & Krystyna Thomas for setting all this up and being such incredible holy networkers! You are a blessing to me, my family and literally everyone you encounter!

Here is some information about Pastors Tony and Vicky Schleiffer from the LTNI Excellence in Leadership and Community Service Award:

And here are some pictures from that Sunday!



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