Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pray for the Christians in Pakistan --but DO NOT BE AFRAID.

Every time I hear what's going on in the news it reminds me of the fear that has taken over many Christians around the world. It reminds me of the words one of my own pastors said to me once "Persecution Happens.." 

I hated hearing that, and it bothers me that we are so comfortable in our own lives --not understanding how that persecution could affect us in our warm beds and cushy lifestyles-- we forget about women like the one pictured below. We forget to be more like her. 

And ok, don't everyone jump up and tell me I'm wrong because it's not everyone's purpose to be a missionary. No kidding it's not. Clearly not everyone has enough guts as this old lady does. BUT there is something that each of us should be doing.

I'm reminded of my friend Shabnam, telling me about an Afghani woman who she took to a church --the woman had lived for years in Canada, and never once had she been invited to a church or spoken to about Christ --she didn't even know she was allowed INSIDE a church! She broke down in there. Her heart was touched. 

Another story that comes to mind, is of women who WERE taking the initiative to talk to some girls at a bus stop --inviting them to their church. My cousin is Pakistani, and she was standing with her friends --caucasians of European descent. The women literally went to each girl BUT my cousin and invited them to church. Funny enough, my cousin was the only one who was actually Christian --they literally booked it out of the bus stop once they reached her.

Don't be scared to share God with others. Please. Even though stories like the ones below happen --the seed you sow could make all the difference in someone's eternity. Here in the western world if rejection is all we have to fear, how much more should we be sowing in others. Especially when our own eternity is secure in Christ.

Last week in Pakistan, a 70-year-old 
Christian missionary (above) was shot in the neck for preaching 
a faith other than Islam, and a 14-year-old Christian girl was 
kidnapped, raped for eleven days and then ‘converted’ to 
the Islam with the approval of a local imam.

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