Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jizya imposed on Essa Nagri Christians.

**Thanks to BPCA for this article**

Traffic jam in the Essa Nagri area, Karachi.

By Wilson Chowdhry

Essa Nagri is a densly populated Christian community in Karachi. The total population of Essa Nagri is said to be close to 50,000 men, women and children.

Christians living there suffer great poverty, however, they are strong believers and church attendance is very good. Essa nagri is served by over 15 established churches of varying denominations; Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Pakistan, Philadelphia Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist, Salvation Army. In addition to this many other large and small Ministries are also working in Essa Nagri.

During the last six months, Essa Nagri people have been subjected to increasing attacks from local Islamic militants. The militants are entering Essa Nagri with guns, machine guns, pistols and other modern weapons. They enter the Christian colony and loot the community. Incidents include; snatching mobile phones, obtaining Jizya tax under duress - often at gun point and violent attacks on innocent victims simply for fun. As they leave they celebrate their haul by firing their guns in the air and whooping! This is causing significant fear in the local community.

Mission and Action for Social Services (MASS) Karachi, Pakistan. Is an organization working for the rights of Christians. MASS has filed a written complaint in P.I.B Police Station Karachi on 21-03-2012. They have also written a complaint to the Director General of Pakistan Rangers on 23-03-2012.

A spokesperson said:

"We have called on both bodies to take action against these terrorists."

The BPCA has been advised that as we write this article violents attacks have continued since the two letters detailed above and no action to curb the activity has been initiated.

An Essa Nagri resident said;

" We are not cowards but we don't have weapons, how we can fight against these terrorists."

The BPCA has responded to a MASS appeal for pray and calls for Christians across the Globe to pray for the Christians of Essa Nagri. Pray for direct Government intervention to ensue, and for it to be effective in alleviating the suffering of this beleaguered community.


  1. Well I am overwhelmed by the comments you have posted on your blog. However, the state that you are describing is not happening only in Esssa Nagri, it is happening all over the Pakistan. Please don't make a mountain out of a molehill. If you really have concern about Christian then please help Christians who have been persecuted in countries like Sudan, Kenya, rawanda, Somalia and list goes on. Furthermore, please don't mention about jizya and any other Islamic law, if you din't have adequate knowledge about those islamic laws.

    1. First off thanks so much for your comment Anonymous :)

      In your comment you have stated that the issue is not just about Essa Nagri but that this problem is widespread in Pakistan.. so unlike what you've described, I'm definitely not making a mountain out of a molehill :)

      I absolutely do have concern for Christians!! Thanks for having it too :) But as I am Pakistani Christian - born and raised, obviously I have a connection to my Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan that are suffering.

      I have not written this article as I clearly stated above, including giving references from where I posted it. So if you have concerns about the content, which I do not think you should be doubting in any way if you don't have adequate knowledge about Essa Nagri, feel free to follow the links back to the original writers and state your concerns :)

      Also, I have in no way written out my claim to knowledge on Jizya, Islamic law (Sharia) but I assure you I am well informed; however that is beyond the point! What DOES matter is how Sharia is used to demonize and perpetrate hate against Christians and pretty much all humans that refuse to subjugate or convert to Islam -- infact, not even muslims are safe living under it!

      I would love to help Christians in Sudan, Kenya, Rawanda and Somalia and every single country on your list - I hope you would do the same! The best way that I find in supporting my brothers and sisters is by showing the "Western" world the realities of their lives :)

      So once again, thanks so much! I love hearing from others and getting fresh perspectives on the articles posted here!

  2. By the way you don't have to show this to western countries as they all well informed about all the realities. Please visit and click on Pakistan and you will be surprised to know how much they know about Pakistan.

    1. Oh dear, friend it seems like you have a real problem!!

      Actually as a Canadian I am well aware that there are many people who DO know a lot about Pakistan. But there are many that don't. So no, contrary to your opinion I am by NO means surprised; in fact having worked closely with many MPs and others involved in my government I realize more than most what we are aware of here in Canada. I daily THANK GOD for it and for those of us who will not let these issues die unchallenged!!

      By the way, just to remind you - this is MY blog. As a Canadian citizen I reserve the right to share my views, beliefs and opinions in any way that I see fit; and as a Christian I believe that supporting my persecuted brothers and sisters is what Jesus asked of me when He spoke of "the least of these".

      I recommend that if you have concerns of your own and feel that you need to showcase them in either defense or opposition of anything really; start your own blog :)

      There's clearly a lot of hate out there in this big world, mightn't you like to become one of the courageous folks who speak out against it rather than disturbing my precious time with these petty issues?

      May God bless you and grant you wisdom to deal with your concerns appropriately!

  3. Could you please describe Jizya to me without using google or Wikipedia?

    1. An Imam (from Cordova university) I met recently described Jizya as a tax imposed for the protection of non-muslims residing in muslim areas (dhimmis).

      Now I am CLEARLY not muslim, and I think that it's another form of subjugation that is being used to keep non-muslims "in their place". The fact of the matter is that no matter how much sharia tries to pacify non-muslims by saying things like oh if you are too poor you don't have to pay, or women don't have to pay, kids don't have to pay, cripples don't have to pay.. so basically it means that the people who are healthy male and the major breadwinners of their families must pay out of their earnings for the safety of themselves and their communities.

      BTW I don't care if its 60$ or $6000. I would never want a religious tax imposed on myself. I give to God of my own free will, and what is for God goes to God.. not to people who threaten me.

      I don't feel that your arguing with me is of any use anymore. It neither helps me grow or gain knowledge, nor is it a positive addition to the concerns of my suffering Pakistani Christian community. So I will be deleting your useless comments from now on.