Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pakistan: Living in the Past, Today.

So honestly, I had to go and ask my dad what any of this meant so for those of you that are unaware of some of the terms being used in the article let me define them here for you:

JIRGA is an assembly of elders of a tribe or locality that considers any criminal or social issue brought before them. In this article's case it is used as a system of justice; whereby the Jirga is called to pronounce judgement and punishment towards the women who have allegedly committed a "crime".

KARI is a woman who has been judged and blamed for being a willing participant in an illicit relationship.

After learning their primitive meanings and usage, I can understand this horrifying incident even more. The nurturing of these people and in turn their inherent understanding of honor and crime are far different from our own. In fact, primitive is really the right word. In a world where we have come to a greater understanding and value of life, relationships - gained the understanding to punish according to the "crime" or even the difference between an ethical and criminal matter - Pakistan and many other countries in the Middle East and around the world continue to be overcast with people who live and act like they are in the "past"; well more like they never left it.

This creates a dangerous environment, especially for those who do not accept the obsolete ideals of these communities.

Tribal men in Pakistan, not part of the article.. he just looked so happy I had to post it.

Here's the article:

SARGODHA: Kot Momin police have registered a murder case against a man accused of killing his two sisters after they were declared kari by a jirga.

Investigation Officer SI Rab Nawaz said a team had been formed to arrest the suspect, Farman, 27, who had fled the area after killing his sisters – Kahkshan, 20, and Afshan, 24. He said the FIR had been registered on a complaint filed by Rana Qadeer, father of the deceased girls. The bodies had been sent for a post mortem examination.

Police said the jirga had been held after the two girls had returned home from Lahore over a week ago.

He quoted the family as saying that they had persuaded the girls to return by assuring them of their safety. But, he said, they later organised a jirga which decided that it was a matter of honour and pardoning the deceased would bring disgrace to the family. The women were then strangled by their brother on directives of the jirga at their home in Mohllah Dak-Khana.

Police said the two women had fled home and moved to Lahore over a month ago. They said there was no information about the women’s motive behind fleeing home or the person with whom they stayed in Lahore.

They said the family had sought intervention of their contacts in Lahore to persuade the women to return home.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Imran, a cousin of the deceased women, justified their killing.

He said the women had deserved the punishment for showing disobedience to elders. He said everyone in the family was unanimous in declaring them kari.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 9th, 2012.

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