Friday, March 23, 2012

Walid Shoebat New Initiative: Rescue Christians in Pakistan -- 2Part series.

God bless brother Shoebat for his work; the videos include testimony from the family and victims of well known cases of persecution within our community. Bro Walid was born into a muslim family and at one point in his life was so entranced by Islamic propoganda that he became a terrorist himself. Thank GOD that Jesus waits for each one of us, and the moment that Walid Shoebat looked His way -- Jesus swept him off his feet and into the blessed Love of God.

Now he works to not only support Christians that are suffering from men the likes of what he could have become without Christ; but he is constantly educating the world about the realities of extremist Islam and persecution of religious minorities.

It's a deeply sorrowful watch but another reminder of what we are working for.

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