Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rimsha is Free?

Rimsha's Prison Photo
Pakistan's "Blasphemy Girl" is "free" --quotes all over today, because neither of those statements are entirely true. Rimsha Masih, age undetermined but no doubt a minor --insultingly turned into a woman because she does not fit the Pakistani image of what a girl should be; i.e. stick skinny and super short --not that the children who portray the usual child-like image have been spared from the pedophiles rapists and child-marrying folks in Pakistan.

It literally nauseated me reading some the comments the educated men of Pakistan had to write about this girls "looks". I personally don't care if she's 14 or 40, this entire case was ridiculous and the person who put this family through this life-altering ordeal should have been punished. What am I saying? We're talking about Pakistan here, justice is as irrelevant as truth.

Still I am greatful to God. None but the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob could have resolved this issue for Rimsha. She is now hidden with her family --and I don't need to know where, the rest of the world should stop asking. She's safe and that's all that matters. As for being free, Rimsha being free in Pakistan is like saying a goldfish in a bowl is free.

Today's report via Shamim Masih reveals that she has been absolved in court..

Islamabad High Court (IHC) dismissed FIR against Rimsha

Shamim talking to Rimsha's lawyer Abdul Hameed Rana in Islamabad High Court (IHC)

Islamabad Pakistan (Shamim Masih): The Islamabad High Court (IHC) announced its verdict today on 20th November, 2012 and dismissed the First Investigation Report (FIR) filed against 14 years Rimsha, a Christian girl, accused of committing blasphemy.

According to Rimsha’s lawyer Abdul Hameed Rana, the verdict was announced on an application filed by him seeking quashment of the FIR against Rimsha.

Earlier on November 14, the honorable chief justice IHC, Mr. Iqbal Hameed-ur-Rehman had reserved the judgment and announced it today.

Rimsha, 14 a Christian girl was arrested from the slum settlement of Islamabad on August 16 this year, when her neighbor Malik Hammad, accused her of burning pages of Quran verses. She spent three weeks in the jail and was released on bail on 8 September and flown to unknown place with her family.

Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih
Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist

Secretary General

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